Suppose you have to lift up a cup of coffee from table by keeping your eyes closed. The only information you have about the location of the cup on the table is that it is at one-arm distance away from you.

Would you be able to lift it?

It will take you many more tries as you are not aware of direction in which cup is placed. You may end up swinging your arm in an arc to locate the cup.

Now what if you are provided with the information that it lies in front of you?

You can easily locate the cup as you know the direction (in front of you) as well as magnitude of the distance (one-arm distance) of location of cup from you. This is one way we make use of vectors in real life unknowingly. Some other examples includes:

1. Figuring out the direction of rain and holding your umbrella in that direction. 

2. To move an object in a particular direction, we will have to apply requisite force in that specific direction.

Now can you think of some other applications of vectors in real life around you? Let us know by listing them in the comments section.

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Applications of vectors in real life
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