• This Practice set consists of 10 questions.
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In the questions below some statements are given and these statements are followed by some conclusions. You have to take the given statements to be true even if they seem to be at variance from commonly known facts. Read the conclusions and then decide which of the given conclusions logically follows from the given statements, disregarding commonly known facts.

1. Statements: 

All branches are flowers.

All flowers are leaves.


I. All branches are leaves.

II. All leaves are branches.

III. All flowers are branches.

IV. Some leaves are branches.


2. Statements: 

Some iphones are mobiles.

Some mobiles are ipads.

Some ipads are tablets.


I. Some tablets are iphones.

II. Some mobiles are tablets.

III. Some ipads are iphones.

IV. All iphones are tablets.


3. Statements: 

All tigers are lions.

All lions are horses.

No horses are monkeys.


I. All tigers are horses.

II. No tigers are monkeys.

III. Some lions are tigers.

IV. Some monkeys are not tigers.


4. Statements: 

Some shirts are pants.

All shoes are shirts.

All pants are gloves.


I. Some shoes are gloves.

II. Some shirts are gloves.

III. No pants are shoes.

IV. All gloves are shirts.


5. Statements: 

All chickens are birds.

Some chickens are hens.

Female birds lay eggs.


I. All birds lay eggs.

II. Hens are birds.

III. Some chickens are not hens.


6. Statements: 

Some drivers are technicians.

All technicians are engineers.

Some engineers are lecturers.


I. Some technicians are lecturers.

II. Some lecturers are drivers.

III. All engineers are technicians.

IV. Some engineers are drivers.


7. Statements: 

All teachers are professors.

All professors are researchers.

All researchers are consultants.


I. Some consultants are teachers.

II. All professors are consultants.

III. Some researchers are teachers.

IV. All professors are teachers.


8. Statements: 

Some doctors are fool.

Joshi is a doctor.


I. Joshi is a fool.

II. Some fools are doctors.


9. Statements: 

All fruits are leaves.

Some leaves are trees.

No tree is house.


I. Some houses are fruits.

II. Some trees are fruits.

III. No house is fruit.


10. Statements: 

No U is L.

No L is K.

Some N are Z.

Some Z are magic.


I. No U is Z.

II. All Z being L is a possibility.


Syllogism Practice Questions