• This Practice set consists of 10 questions.
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In the questions below some statements are given and these statements are followed by some conclusions. You have to take the given statements to be true even if they seem to be at variance from commonly known facts. Read the conclusions and then decide which of the given conclusions logically follows from the given statements, disregarding commonly known facts.

1. Statements: 

Some tables are chairs.

All chairs are benches.

All benches are desks.


I. Some desks are tables.

II. Some benches are tables.

III. Some desks are chairs.


2. Statements: 

Some bags are plates.

Some plates are chairs.

All chairs are tables.


I. Some tables are plates.

II. Some chairs are bags.

III. No chair is bag


3. Statements: 

All numbers are digits.

All alphabets are numbers.

All words are alphabets.


I. All words are digits.

II. Some numbers are not words.


4. Statements: 

All books are novels.

No novel is a magazine.

All magazines are newspaper.


I. No book is a magazine.

II. Some newspaper are novels.


5. Statements: 

Some books are papers.

No paper is magazine.

All magazines are pens.


I. Some books are not magazines.

II. Some books are magazines.


6. Statements: 

All tables are chairs.

All chairs are pencil.

Some pencil are pen.


I. All tables are pencils.

II. All pens being tables is a possibility.


7. Statements: 

Some stones are rocks.

All rocks are hills.


I. All rocks being stones is a possibility.

II. At least some hills are stones.


8. Statements: 

No officer is manager.

Some managers are staffs.

Some honest are officers.


I. Some honest being staff is a possibility.

II. All managers being honest is a possibility.


9. Statements: 

Some doors are bells.

Some bells are bags.

All opens are bell.


I. Some open are doors.

II. All bells can be open is a possibility.


10. Statements: 

Some flats are apartments.

Some apartments are halls.

No hall is a room.


I. At least some halls are flats.

II. All rooms being apartments is a possibility.


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