• This Practice set consists of 10 questions.
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In the questions below some statements are given and these statements are followed by some conclusions. You have to take the given statements to be true even if they seem to be at variance from commonly known facts. Read the conclusions and then decide which of the given conclusions logically follows from the given statements, disregarding commonly known facts.

1. Statements: 

All chair are windows.

Some window is door.

No door is chair.


I. All doors can be window is a possibility.

II. All chairs can be door is a possibility.

III. All chairs can be window is a possibility.


2. Statements: 

All squares are circles.

No circle is cone.

Some cones are spheres.

Some rectangles are circles.


I. All rectangles being cones is a possibility.

II. All rectangles being sphere is a possibility.


3. Statements: 

All drums are tubes.

Some tubes are pipes.

No pipe is stick.

Some sticks are rubbers.


I. Some rubbers are tubes.

II. Some sticks are drums.

III. Some pipes are drums.

IV. Some sticks are tubes.


4. Statements: 

Some pens are rooms.

All rooms are walls.

Some walls are bricks.

All bricks are slates.


I. Some slates are walls.

II. Some walls are pens.

III. Some bricks are rooms.

IV. Some slates are rooms.


5. Statements: 

Some chairs are pencils.

Some pencils are bottles.

Some bottles are bags.

Some bags are books.


I. Some books are pencils.

II. Some bottles are chairs.

III. No book is pencil.

IV. Some bags are chairs.


6. Statements: 

No tiger is animal.

Some lions are animals.

All cats are lions.


I. No cat is tiger.

II. Some cats are animals.

III. No animal is cat.

IV. Some tigers are lions.


7. Statements: 

All mangoes are oranges.

All oranges are apples.

Some apples are pineapples.

No mango is a pineapple.


I. All mangoes are apples.

II. Some mangoes are not oranges.

III. All apples are pineapples.

IV. Some apples are not pineapples.


8. Statements: 

Most tigers are cats.

No tiger is lion.

All lions are cats.


I. Some cats are not lions.

II. All cats are not lions.

III. Some tigers are cats.

IV. Some tigers are not lions.


9. Statements: 

Some roads are buses.

All buses are trains.

Some trains are trucks.

All trucks are kites.


I. Some trucks are roads.

II. Some kites are buses.

III. Some trains are roads.

IV. Some kites are trains.


10. Statements: 

Some desks are fruits.

All fruits are flowers.

No flower is branch.

Some branches are roots.


I. Some roots are flowers.

II. No branches are desks.

III. Some flowers are desks.

IV. Some desks are branches.


Syllogism Practice Questions